Tips on creating a modern SharePoint site

With so many of us working remotely these days, it’s become more apparent that organizations need ways to share files and communication with their team. With a SharePoint communication site you have access to a centralized hub to collaborate on all of your company’s files, view shared calendars and events, and keep your team updated on projects and training videos and other assets.

Centralized communication hub: A SharePoint communication site provides you the ability to showcase and share all of your company’s assets including document libraries, announcements, news, and shared calendars.

Powerful team collaboration: By creating a communication site, you keep your team informed on project statuses and upcoming events and deadlines. It allows all members to one place to see and collaborate on projects.

Visually-striking design: SharePoint communication sites are built to be visual in order to share your files and reach a broader audience. You can design your communication site design look similar to a a website with images, videos, and even your own custom branding. Check out some of the possibilities of what a SharePoint communication site can look like here.

Endless possibilities: If your an organization that has a need to share resources in order train employees and teams on company practices, a SharePoint communication site is for you. You can add training videos, documents, and news articles in a central location that engages your team.

Easy to use: Best of all, communication sites are easier to build and maintain and include new features and web applications. They allow you to share news, reports, statuses, and other information in a visually compelling format. In summation, you can quickly create beautiful pages that look great on mobile devices and that are easily accessible without having to learn how to manipulate code.

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