Top New Features in Microsoft Teams

If you haven’t already been using Microsoft Teams, now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon.
There have been several improvements made to the popular video chat app that make it a great alternative to Zoom, especially within your workplace. In this article, we’ll point out some of our favorite new features that make Microsoft Teams stand out.

Start an Impromptu Meeting: Now you can start a meeting quickly and easily right from your Calendar in Outlook. Simply navigate to your calendar in Outlook, and look for the button on the top ribbon that says “Meet Now” to start a meeting. Give the meeting a name, and then choose “Get a link” to share or “Start meeting”. Choosing “Start meeting”, will go directly into a meeting where you can invite others to join.

Meeting Recap: Want to share a meeting with a team member that wasn’t able to attend? Now you can easily record a meeting complete with a transcript, chat, shared files, and more. The recorded meeting is saved in the cloud and can be easily and securely shared within your organization. Just make sure to hit record when the meeting starts under the settings of the meeting.

Live Captions: Sometimes you’ll find yourself attending a meeting in a loud environment where it can be hard to hear the participants. You can now turn on live captions for the meeting and read what the participants are saying in real-time, along with the name of the speaker.

Content Sharing: If didn’t know already, you can easily share the content of your entire screen, certain application windows, a PowerPoint deck, and more. This is especially helpful when working with a team member on a project or computer issue. You can even allow someone to control your mouse to assist you.

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