Access, security, and compliance are critical to your success. We can help.

To best serve patients, software must be integrated and maintained for speed, convenience, and reliability. Physicians, staff, and administrators must have secure access to the network at all times, and from remote locations. 

An efficient and reliable computer network ensures your software functions properly, increases productivity, eliminates security concerns, and lowers costs, allowing your team to focus on providing patient care. 

SimplePowerIT can engineer and maintain a network that is reliable, accessible, and secure. Think of SimplePowerIT as your Chief Technology Officer partner, providing all the services you’d expect, at a fraction of the cost. Our experience brings deep familiarity with workflow processes, software, and vendors. We focus on providing responsive and consistent support which minimizes technology issues.

What are the benefits of working with SimplePowerIT?


IT Security Policy Planning
User Awareness Training
Firewall Configuration
Cybersecurity Assessments

Proactive Support

Preventive Mainenance
Remote Support
Backups & Disaster Recovery
Antivirus & Web Filtering

Outsourced CTO

IT Strategic Planning
Network Oversite
IT Staff Recruitment
Software Implementation

SimplePowerIT provides full-service IT support to our office.

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