Industries Served


We understand the challenges of running a not-for-profit organization. We can help make the most of limited time and technology budgets.

CPA Firms

Efficiency and security are critical to your firm’s success. We can help. Our expertise in public accounting uniquely qualifies us to provide your firm with IT and cybersecurity services.


Cities are being required to do more, often with fewer resources. SimplePowerIT is your Chief Technology Officer, providing all the services you’d expect, at a fraction of the cost.


Access, security, and compliance are critical to your success. We can help. To best serve patients, software must be integrated and maintained for speed, convenience, and reliability.

Real Estate and Appraisal

Real Estate and Appraisal markets change rapidly, and clients demand responsive communication and timely information. Don’t let your IT network slow you down.


Streamline workflow and increase productivity. If you’re not using technology to maximize productivity and ensure client confidentiality, you might not be maximizing revenue.


Manufacturing rarely stops, and your technology infrastructure must ensure that your operation is running as productively and efficiently as possible. Don’t let your IT network slow you down.

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