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Do You Have These IT Policies? (If Not, You Should)

By: Martin Straub Principal, SimplePowerIT About 77% of all cloud data breaches originate from compromised passwords. Compromised credentials are also now the number one cause of data breaches globally. A password security policy will lay out for your team how to handle their login passwords. It should include things like:

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Advantages of Remote Monitoring

Advantages of Remote MonitoringBy: Randy MarroneNetwork and Security Engineer, SimplePowerIT Have you had the misfortune of a PC failing at the beginning of a Monday morning, maybe right before a presentation? Have you had an update that you have been putting off for weeks that now just “has to run”?

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Be More Productive with a Paperless Workplace

Be More Productive with a Paperless Workplace Martin Straub Principal, SimplePowerIT If Covid has taught us anything about our businesses, we all learned how to adapt – quickly, when needed. Looking back almost two years ago, who could have foreseen a dramatic shift to remote work and even more dependence

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