Improving your Microsoft Security Score and Why it Matters
What is a Secure Score?

Introduction: The Microsoft 365 Security Score is a useful tool that helps organizations assess and improve their security posture within the Microsoft 365 environment.

In this presentation, we will explore what the Security Score is, why it is important, the factors it considers, and how to implement its recommendations effectively.

Why does it matter?

The Microsoft 365 Security Score is a numerical representation of your organization's security posture in the Microsoft 365 environment.

It provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations based on several factors, helping organizations to address vulnerabilities, reduce the attack surface, and enhance overall security.

A higher score correlates with a lower likelihood of security incidents.

Factors considered by the Microsoft 365 Security Score

- Identity and access management

- Data protection

- Device and endpoint

- Threat protection

- Security management

- Compliance and governance

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