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Common Microsoft 365 Questions

What are the benefits of Microsoft 365?

Reliable and consistent email across all PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Document storage and sharing synchronized with local PCs and always available in the cloud. Office Professional desktop licenses that are current, simple to maintain and easy re-install.

Which subscription is right for my business?

Truthfully, the range of options can be overwhelming. With a quick assessment we can help narrow the choices down to one or two that are best fits for your business. You can even mix and match some subscription types so users get only the needed features and you don’t overpay.

We already have Office, is Microsoft 365 still useful?

While the new features of Office software may not be immediately obvious, Microsoft 365 entitles users to install the most current version of Office on up to 5 devices. With Microsoft 365, new features are added as they become available instead of having to wait a for a new version of the software. There are some other compelling reasons to consider Microsoft 365 - especially for the available tools that go beyond just Office software. If you don't need Office licenses, consider one of the less expensive subscriptions that does not include them.

How much does it cost?

Microsoft 365 subscriptions are priced per user and range from $4-20/month depending on features. Discounts are available for annual prepayments. Steep discounts are also available for nonprofits.

Can I setup Microsoft 365 on my own?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Installing Office is easy, but migrating email and setting up some of the more advanced features can be a challenge. Leave the tough work to us and we’ll be sure it is done right! Once configured, most organizations find that adding and modifying users is simple to do themselves.

We already have email accounts, should we switch?

Microsoft 365 provides unmatched email functionality and the familiar Outlook interface. Because it is completely based on Microsoft’s Exchange server it also provides other useful feature such as calendaring, resource scheduling, company address and distribution lists and shared folders. Connect your tablets, smartphones, and PCs and see the same exact synchronized folders and email. Migrating from your current email to Microsoft 365 is fairly straight-forward and you can retain all of your email addresses and saved messages.

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